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Garden Furniture

We offer garden furniture production


We build commercial premise.

Garden Gazebos

We Build Garden Arbor and summer sheds.

Log house House

We build log houses wooden houses, from more than 30 we have already prepared projects.

Children's playgrounds

By special order we develop a children's playground.

Country house

We offer our customers the Rural house projects.


SIA “Koka Nami'' manufactures and installs cabins from turned logs and wooden prefabricated buildings.

Log houses from turned logs are the least expensive way of building log homes. At the same time, it includes all the positive characteristics attributable to any log house - warmth, comfort, aesthetics. We offer log production from both our developed variants, both at the customer's drawings, sketches, projects. combines both patriarchs log lifting technology and modern approach to different nodes constructive solutions, so you get a building that will serve even your grandchildren. Corner connection is used "Sweedish cope" technology, which prevents moisture build-up corner connection. Log consolidation of the wall, as well as all corners using pins or screws - tightening to be deployed every 1.5 meters. Roofing materials are possible every kind - tiles, shingles, metal, etc. In accordance with our recommendations roofing materials and shade chosen by the customer. Log house construction we use conifer wood. Sauna rooms are covered with coniferous wood materials. We also produce a variety of products from turned logs - tables, benches, wooden pavement, Well curbs, swings, gazebos, etc.

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